JM International foundation is a non-profit organization which has been engaged in the service of Art and Literature, rendering free medical campus, educational aid to poor people etc. for sometime. Now, the organization has come up with multifarious new projects in various fields to help the affected people and the needy in a big way.

JM International Foundation got their organization registered as charitable institution under the societies as well as public trust acts as per rule in order to enlarge and broaden their activities in a proper and systematic way.

"Never refrain from charity.

Help others in whatever ways you can.

Never give up Hope. Act virtuously."

The above are the words uttered by a great women poet in time immemorial. These have boosted our spirit to do some remarkable service to the society in which we live and achieve the goal. Thus the JM International Foundation has come into existence.

The JM International Foundation shall strive hard for the uplift of poor and downtrodden people in various categories.

Our activities shall reach out to the disadvantaged and marginalized women.

Peaceful co-existence shall be our motto. Non-violence is a powerful weapon with which Mahatma Gandhi fought for the freedom of our country from foreign invaders who came in as traders.

The love and peace are two words which have the power to save the world from terrorism, aggression and destruction.

JM International Foundation shall encourage our members to promote the culture of peace.

Our organization will serve as an international platform to work globally to provide assistance to the needy people.

In spite of being frail and vulnerable, elderly people contribute immensely to the growth of society - provided that they are properly cared for. Cases of poverty, neglect, inadequate health care, lack of health insurance and even abuse against the aged are rising day by day.

Our organization shall make society aware of the concerns and sufferings of the aged and destitute child the women who are affected by domestic violence in National and international level.

Our organization shall promote educational institutions in rural areas and spread education.